It comes for you when you’re not ready—the realization that you are grown and raised and moving through the world strong and sure-footed, someone who knows what to do, at least in small part.

Whether it is at your desk wincing through a chipped cup of bitter office coffee or adjusting the dial on your washing machine from cold to cool because you could wreck the new shirt you bought last month if you’re not careful with the settings, or half-way through a rant about how you just swept two minutes ago, why is the floor already dusty. Suddenly, you are aware, irrevocably and untouchably, that time has gone on and you have left it forgotten in the corner where you kicked off your shoes after school, and all you really want to do is go home.

And with that distant notion, there she is.

Because no one else could look so horrified at the sight of you tracking mud into her house, and no one else could teach you all the things you learned from simply watching her do as she does. Because she is your mother, and she exists where there was nothing before—simply an open, empty space that has been waiting for her all this time.

It’s not fair, really, now that you think about it. That you spent so much of your life a child, unable to comprehend gratitude and sacrifice. Because motherhood is not something that comes easy, and it is not something that can ever really belong to someone who did not choose it—and you—every single day.

And maybe you always will be a child—to her, to the universe, to yourself so long as you can’t really comprehend whether biannual means twice a year or every two years—but you understand a little better, don’t you?

That a mother is not, in fact, a person, but instead, a state. That it is not her blood that makes her who she is to you, but all the love she holds in her heart and the part of her chest where she keeps everything dear about you. That she did not teach you everything, but it is because of her that you have found the strength to learn things on your own. That the best thing that she could have ever given you is the chance to see her move through this life the way you do now, with two hands poised outwards—one to hold on, and one to let go.

One day a year, it’s not enough. Not enough to thank her for all the things you let slip by you without ever really knowing that it was happening, or to tell her that you know it wasn’t easy and you have no idea how she did it anyway but you’re so grateful that she did, or to show her that you see now, you really do. It’s not enough, and it never really will be. How could it?

But even so, you’ll take any given opportunity to make an attempt anyway, and we know exactly how to help you do it this Mother’s Day.

At the Belize Collection, we know everything your mother means to you, but more than that, we know that if she cannot have blissful days all her life, she deserves to have this one. She deserves to have her day, and with our Mother’s Day package, she most definitely can.

Gift her a stay at either one of our resorts, whether it is serene relief in the quiet rainforests, just her and idle hours of the fresh, mossy scent of the river as it slinks along its way, or the easy sun and plunge after plunge into waters that make her feel like this could simply be forever and that would be just fine.

Our package entitles her to a bountiful greeting in the form of a tropical flower arrangement, as well as breakfast, dinner and a complimentary cocktail, for a famed and utterly incomparable dining experience at one of our restaurants. Allow her the splendour of a meal set against the backdrop of the dreamlike mountains that make up the Sleeping Giant itself, or the soundtrack of calling waves collapsing to the shore.

She will also have the option of either her preferred bottle of wine from our impeccable selection, to sip pensively while she contemplates that distant blur where the sky disappears behinds the horizon line, or a 60-minute aromatherapy massage, where old tensions are lost to the smell of lavender and joints slacken until they could just about melt into the table.

And, okay, because, selfishly and kind of understandably, you don’t want her to forget that it is you doing this for her (because you have never once forgotten that it was her who did what she did for you), our package also includes a personalized card—a souvenir for her to keep even after she makes her leave. We’re sure there aren’t enough words for everything you mean to say. But it’s her, and she loves you, and there is never a reason you shouldn’t say something when you feel it, even if you’re going to say it badly.

Your mother is not a perfect woman, and you would never ask her to be. After all, flawed as she may be, she’s still her, and that is someone you can never repay for the warmth of her tender kindness or the endless patience that was not entirely warranted, and someone who deserves the things you can give to her just as well as the things you can’t.

This Mother’s Day, hold your mother close and press a grateful kiss to her cheek, and most of all, do as she’s always taught you to; give it a good, honest try.

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