When contemplating travel to the Caribbean, it is easy to find yourself bewitched. After all, every country and island within the region extends beauty and culture with an open palm, each lovely in ways entirely their own. So, of all the enchanting things in the world, why choose Belize? Well, impossible questions don’t always call for impossible answers, and with the Belize Collection, that much is truer than ever. There are plentiful reasons to consider travel to Belize, and they are as follows:

1. Seclusion:

From waves of green stretching hither and yon like an infinite dream, to shades of blue disappearing into each other until that distant line where they meet the sky, Belize is a wide sweep of potential—beauty made practical.
Outdoor dining becomes a delightful ritual to partake in, swathed in the painted scenery of a world for which dormancy is neither familiar nor desired, and it has never been quite so clear that there are some things that cannot be known in truth until they are known alone.
At the Grove House and the Paddle House, all open air and splendor made palpable on terms quite their own, you are offered the dual experience of Belize as a setting of manifold quality, as well as an oasis of culture—celebrations of Central American cuisine as only Belize could see it, of Belizean cuisine as only Hopkins would know it—twirled around every fork and scooped up in every spoonful raised to your lips.
Here, remoteness is a welcome thing. After all, there is no better way to appreciate the virtue of most wonderful matters than in peace.
At the Belize Collection, this means crowd-less tours, and perfect opportunity. It means the hearth warmth of our Mayan Cooking Class, it means the fresh greenery and the smell of rain before a single cloud begins to bloom with grey, and it means you—a sole moth to a sole flame.
It means easy, tranquil Island Hopping and Snorkeling in the wide expanse of sea, it means bursts of fish brushing against your fingertips, it means a world that is not entirely yours, and how little that matters when it can feel that way even if just for a moment.
Enjoy a seclusion that leaves you room for contemplation, and for adventure like nowhere else ever could, on your perfect Belizean vacation.

2. Affordability

With getting here growing increasingly more convenient, the act of travel has reformed into something sublime.
Our steadily rising popularity as a vacation destination means nonstop connections to Belize with esteemed airlines like Southwest, American, and Sun Country. Whether you’re coming from Houston or Alaska, travel is swift, it’s convenient, and above all, it’s easy.
Belize is, regardless of things like excitement and wonder, a sensible choice.
Though not always a prevalent thought when it comes to selecting a vacation destination, sensibility does not connote monotony. There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that the choice you are making is both everything you’ve ever wanted, and just as easily something you can afford.
There is no price tag on nature, and it is a lucky fact—after all, when traveling to Belize, nature is an overflowing thing. Allow yourself the space to revel in costless visions of wild, billowing hills and infinite stretches of bright turquoise blue.

3. Remote working options

In a world where compromise is not only encouraged, but expected, Belize is a reprieve free of assumption, and free of command. Here, we understand that the necessary, however unpleasant it may be, is still very much needed. As such, we demand no sacrifice of you.
Allowing access to internet even while submerged in the depths of culture and tradition, we provide you with the unique and glaring chance to do the things required of you, and to do them somewhere beautiful. After all, there is no greater muse than that of the natural world.
Work from the Lodge at Jaguar Reef, wrapped up in a warmth that comes only in such close proximity to the seaside, or in the downy comfort of your own room, a cup of steaming coffee by your side, a plate of our classic Belizean Breakfast in your lap.
Leisure and productivity can coexist in harmonious bliss, a notion we strive to prove with every passing moment. Let your needs come together, both essential and intangible, in every way possible.
To have it all is no selfish act, learn this much to be true in Belize.

Nothing exists to be entirely faultless, because the world was not made for perfect things, and Belize falls short of such prestige in only the best of ways. Visit where the air is thick with heat and the sun is mercilessly cold, where freedom is found as easily as it is sought, where adventure is attainable, where concession has no place in your vacation experience.

Visit with Belize, and discover our every virtue on your own terms.

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