JOIN US on Sunday, May 19th at 8 pm for a special screening of the acclaimed documentary Chasing Coral hosted by Inspire EdVentures at  The Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Hopkins, Belize.


This film follows a team of divers, photographers and scientists who set out to photograph the elusive process of coral bleaching, a phenomenon happening at an unprecedented rate around the world due to warming ocean temperatures.

The film took over 3.5 years to make, features 500 hours of underwater footage, and submissions from over 30 countries.

This inspirational film explores not only the passion of the scientists in investigating the devastation of coral reefs, but also the hope for the solution that will save this resource for future generations.

Fluorescing Coral Photo Credit Netflix
Fluorescing Coral Photo Credit Netflix

As educators, the Inspire EdVEntures team was deeply moved and inspired by the message of Chasing Coral, and as a result, we decided to use the film as an introduction to the challenges facing the coral reefs, and the research that is being done to protect them.

Belize is a fascinating country and one that contains two of the most important ecosystems on the planet: rain forests and coral reefs.

This film provides a unique perspective on what can be experienced while diving on the coral reefs of Belize.

Photo Credit InspireEdVentures @2018
Photo Credit Inspire EdVentures @2018

The event is being led by led by Dr. Michael Windelspecht, a science author and educator who helped form Inspire EdVentures so that everyone can experience the beauty and diversity of Belize.

Following the viewing, Dr. Windelspecht will share some of the research projects that the InspIre EdVentures’ team has been conducting in Belize.

The screening is open to the general public.

For more information, please contact Inspire EdVentures at [email protected]

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