This country is the perfect place for thrill seekers! I have shared with you my exciting experience while Black Hole Drop Rappelling. In the next two posts, I will share two amazing and challenging experiences that you cannot miss if you are a real risk addict. These activities take place in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, just 30 mins from The Lodge at Jaguar Reef & Spa in Hopkins Village.

The Mayflower Bocawina National Park is a hidden destination covering over 7000 acres of broadleaf forest and rainforest in a semi mountainous terrain, you can even find a partially excavated ancient Maya city. This National Park hides many thrilling activities and wonderful places, waiting to be discovered!

Once at the Park you will head into the deep rainforest leaving behind the ruins of the ancient Mayflower Maya city. The hike to the top of the waterfall is physically demanding but you don’t need to be a fitness guru to hike up there. Once there, the hike is totally worth every single step!

Mayflower HIke
Our adventure starts in the rainforest!

To reach the top of the Antelope Falls you will hike, climb and ascend some steps surrounded by lush rainforest. As you go into the jungle you will start hearing the sound of the waterfall in the distance, which means that step by step you are getting closer to your goal. One of the many things that I enjoy about being in the rainforest is that there is a lot to be learnt about the plants and animals of Belize. With the expert guides we didn’t miss any curious detail, and that made the hike to the top much more interesting!

After hiking up to the top of the 1,000 foot falls through the jungle, we finally arrived at the amazing emerald natural pool. The sensation of getting into that clear and refreshing water after that hike, is simply PERFECTION and energy booster for the real challenge!

Mayflower Hike Natural Pool
Getting energies back on the refreshing natural pool

After the swim, I absorbed the breathtaking views of the Tropical Rainforest & Caribbean Sea from the Antelope waterfall while getting ready to take the exhilarating 250 ft rappel down the waterfalls!

The professional and licensed guides rig a complete system of rappelling ropes at the edge of the waterfall and prepared us to rappel down.

Mayflower Waterfall Rappelling
One guide is on top of the waterfall while the other is waiting for you below, ready to assist you in case you need

Like at the black hole drop, the minutes waiting for your turn becomes an eternity! The sound of the water falling next to me, the stunning views and the surrounding jungle provided the extra courage needed for my descend.

Mayflower Rappelling
Getting ready for the challenge!

The first meters are quite flat but the real challenge starts when you have to go down after a step situated just at the edge of the cliff. My adrenaline levels were high and my heart was racing! The most thrilling sensation was being on a completely vertical wall and the strong and refreshing waterfall running right next to me. Unexpectedly the best way to rappel down is to go under the water. I will always remember the sensation of walking on a vertical wall, while the invigorating and refreshing water fell on me!

Rappelling the waterfall
That’s actually me rappelling the waterfall!

After all the excitement, the hike back was easy and with all the adrenaline rush, I was ready for a hearty meal at The Paddle House Restaurant.