Now more than ever, many of us long to be far away from the complications that come with living in a congested, urban environment. We dream of a place where our alarm clock is the sound of tropical birds chirping and our morning commute is to the backyard to pick fresh oranges.

When we talk about owning a slice of paradise in the tropical rainforest of Belize, most people think that it must be something reserved for the ultra wealthy or folks in the know. However Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is making this fantasy a reality for anyone interested in avoiding crowds and snatching up their own piece of  Belize’s beautiful and pristine Maya Mountains.

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge sits on 600 Acres of prime, fertile land in the Sibun River Valley, surrounded by the Sibun Forest Reserve that is well over 81,000 acres of untouched and protected rainforest that will never be developed.

The Lodge is Belize’s top rainforest resort and masterfully combines upscale comforts with rugged outdoor immersion.

The real estate arm of the resort, Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estates, was born to give guests of the resort an opportunity to own a piece of the magic they discovered on vacation. 

The Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estates are only a 20-minute drive from the country’s capital, Belmopan, yet backs up to 81,000 acre nature reserve. This gives homeowners  the peace, tranquility and solitude they desire as well as easy access to the modern conveniences of Belize’s capital. 

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Estates also sits adjacent to the renowned Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge, giving all homeowners access to it’s award winning restaurants, bar, pool, spa and other amenities. This makes for the perfect blend of off grid relaxation and top class dining and activities.

If owning a piece of Belize sounds good to you please CONTACT US for more information.

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