Heading the entire system of culinary operations for both the Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant’s Grove House and The Lodge at Jaguar Reef’s Paddle House, Chef Rahim has quickly become one of the biggest names to follow in modern Belizean cuisine. But when it comes to knowing the man himself, myth and legend don’t do much for it. As ever, it is the journey that tells us the most important things.

As it goes for most success stories (or at least the more interesting ones), Chef Rahim blooms of humble beginnings—more certain that he never quite pursued the art of cookery as much as he fell into it.

Hailing from the small town of San Ignacio, Chef Rahim’s passion and inherent talent for cooking began at home. It is here, growing up in a big family, that he learned the roles and duties we assume as part of a family unit, and that from which he would come to make a career was fostered. Somewhere between milking cows and painstakingly molding cheese into moderately rectangular shapes, this is where he first found himself exposed not only to the idea of cooking, but also the art of creation—the making of something where before there was nothing at all.

Even as he grew old enough to forge a unique way through life, Rahim never strayed too far from his destined path. Debuting in the culinary world as a dishwasher for Greedy’s Pizzeria of San Ignacio, he went on to work his way up through the ranks, all the way up to line-cook, over the course of several years. Through this experience, Chef Rahim mastered the art of North American cuisine—pizzas, burgers, bread sticks, and other classic delicacies not native to Belize.

But for all that he had learned, he could not find passion in his work. Following a recipe is not always an easy feat, but even then, it was not the kind of challenge he was looking for.

And then, Hopkins.

A Garifuna fishing village located in the Stann Creek district, Hopkins is a plentiful fountain of culture, history, and a distinctiveness that leaves no room for repetition. A definitive shift from that of landlocked Cayo culture, Chef Rahim was thrown into a world unknown, presented suddenly with a sense freedom and uninhibited creative opportunity he was not entirely sure what to do with.

Though the things Hopkins had to offer—from resources to technique—were entirely different from everything Rahim had come to know, he welcomed and collected every bit of wisdom and knowledge imparted to him with relentless avidity. All of this would go on to culminate in this: his own origins blended with the Garifuna-infused influences around him. Fusions, blends, and things that had never before graced the pages of a menu now characterized much of his food. Chef Rahim stepped into this new style and unprecedented love for the food he put forward and did so with grace.

The restaurants under The Belize Collection have since incorporated Chef Rahim’s innovation and creativity, soaking up his vision and embracing the idea that it is the most overlooked ingredients that carry the most potential within them. The Paddle House has defined itself as a celebration of Garifuna cuisine, and inspired Chef Rahim to take the risks necessary of him to so too evolve the Grove House into a celebration of Caribbean cuisine at large—both now participating in the environmentally conscious and nutritionally beneficial farm-to-table movement. Now renowned across the country, these restaurants have been praised for this ability to transform and adapt, creating dramatic, gourmet cuisine through local (and often unexpected) means.

According to Chef Rahim, much of this ability to create meals that interest and delight can be attributed to his team. None of either restaurant’s standing could be achieved, it seems, without the consistency of a team that shares common intention, love of food, and a keen, deep-seated understanding of where they are and where they want to go.

As for where exactly that abstract future leads, it is not exactly unclear.

Chef Rahim—who has always believed that the best way to honor the dishes of our ancestors is not to recreate them exactly as they once were, but rather to evolve them just as we have evolved as descendants and carriers of our predecessors’ former society—remains committed to Belizean culture. Passionate as ever about staying organic, natural and utilizing local resources, the main goal at present is the elevation of our food, emphasizing the beauty and taste of local Belizean cuisines.

Part of that, says Rahim, is about educating the younger generation, and allowing them the opportunity to both explore their own visions and artistry through food, and challenge themselves to wander far beyond the confines of their own comfort zones. Because really, no art form can truly be complete without a sense of individuality. Chef Rahim, who did not always have that, knows better than most, that the same goes for cooking.

Beyond the Paddle House and the Grove House, this is how Chef Rahim aspires to be remembered: a great sieve, passing down information to the ones who will go on to inherit this legacy. To get Belizean food to that level of fame and notoriety—on par with Mexican, Chinese, Italian, or any other cuisine from which you can sample and think immediately I know where this is from—will not be a one-man task. But with great leaders like Chef Rahim to guide the way, it will also not be entirely impossible.


The daybreak of the summer season happens the way all sunrises do. Irritatingly slow, and then, very much out of nowhere, there all at once.

It should be easier to notice, but alas, it is not. The temperatures soar ever-upward, and you think to yourself I guess I won’t need a jacket today. The sun begins to loiter in its skyline descent, and you move your succulents from the porch so they don’t fry in the light. The days on your calendar cross out—March, then April, then May—and you are aware of it only in the day by day passing.

You adjust, adjust, adjust.

Then, one morning, you wake up sweaty and annoyed, a sheet tangled around your calf and no clouds to filter the sun shining directly into your eyes, and that’s when it hits you.

It’s summer, and you’ve hit snooze on that insight for as long as you could.

Really, it was easier to be excited about summers when you were a child—when summer was marked by a schoolbag growing lighter and lighter on your shoulder, culminating in that one glorious day you didn’t need it at all. When it was waking up later than usual but still early by habit, just in time to catch the good cartoons. When it was you and your friends and a hose that was a hair away from causing serious internal damage by the sheer force of water pressure. When it was that wonderfully horrifying rush of hearing someone in the kitchen beginnings of their morning routine and thinking I need to go to sleep right now. When it was goodness come easy.

It is simple to wish that these things could be forever.

But nothing is ever really fair that way anymore.

You are older now, and you haven’t seen a schoolbag in years, you don’t recognise a single cartoon these days, you are wary of aggressive-hose-related injuries, and there’s no fun in reforming your sleep schedule to something unearthly if there is not even the slightest risk of consequence, and this is what you have to work with. Goodness, yes. But the kind that comes with effort.

Though, that is not necessarily a bad thing—joy that is earned.

Because that’s the best part of growing up: for all that you may have to leave behind, there will always be more waiting for you when you’re ready.

Whether it is to chase that fleeting childhood feeling, or to find something new in its place—at the Belize Collection, we know summer in her every form, and with our new, discounted summer rates, you can meet as it pleases you.

Find her out at the Rainforest Lodge at Sleeping Giant, where you brave rivers that truly make you reconsider whether the heat really is all that bad (it is) before you dive all in, chilled to the touch, but undeniably refreshed—an encumbered life relinquished to the current. Where you hike through green and mud, over bridges and through vines, for a glimpsed view of the world that cannot fix everything as much as it can change everything, a view that can teach you the difference if you only look close enough. Where you wake every morning to the hum and buzz of a land and a home, alive all around you—the breeze, the earth, the bird you cannot see, but whose song you can still hear (still feel).

Know summer like this—triumphant and burden-less. Easy, maybe not like it was before—maybe it will never be that way again—but still good. Still easy.

Or meet her at the Lodge at Jaguar Reef, in that youthful whim to throw yourself into the mercy of rushing waves—the sound of surging water, salt rich and metallic on your lips, an old forgotten memory come back to life. In a dance on scorching sands, the burn of your bare feet nothing compared to the unfettered joy of open sky above you and endless sea before you, shades of blue and blue and blue melting into each other. In the long shadows of the shore at night, when the sea retreats into darkness—the low rumble and fizzle of the surf the only indication of what lies beyond the gloom, an absent glint of silver caught out on the tide.

Know summer like this instead—a celebration of bliss, and a newfound love for the things we once let go. Somewhere to put the things we haven’t yet.

Summer lives between remembrance and obsoletion, a long-forgotten friend whose face you can no longer recall. At the Belize Collection, we invite you to reconcile the things you can never get back with the ones you’ve never had before.

Whether it is with your family, alongside your love, or simply for you, greet summer as someone grown and different, and know that some things may be as they always were, but others opt to change with us—unfamiliar, together. This summer, meet in the in-between of what was before and what is now, at the Belize Collection’s collection of resorts.


It comes for you when you’re not ready—the realization that you are grown and raised and moving through the world strong and sure-footed, someone who knows what to do, at least in small part.

Whether it is at your desk wincing through a chipped cup of bitter office coffee or adjusting the dial on your washing machine from cold to cool because you could wreck the new shirt you bought last month if you’re not careful with the settings, or half-way through a rant about how you just swept two minutes ago, why is the floor already dusty. Suddenly, you are aware, irrevocably and untouchably, that time has gone on and you have left it forgotten in the corner where you kicked off your shoes after school, and all you really want to do is go home.

And with that distant notion, there she is.

Because no one else could look so horrified at the sight of you tracking mud into her house, and no one else could teach you all the things you learned from simply watching her do as she does. Because she is your mother, and she exists where there was nothing before—simply an open, empty space that has been waiting for her all this time.

It’s not fair, really, now that you think about it. That you spent so much of your life a child, unable to comprehend gratitude and sacrifice. Because motherhood is not something that comes easy, and it is not something that can ever really belong to someone who did not choose it—and you—every single day.

And maybe you always will be a child—to her, to the universe, to yourself so long as you can’t really comprehend whether biannual means twice a year or every two years—but you understand a little better, don’t you?

That a mother is not, in fact, a person, but instead, a state. That it is not her blood that makes her who she is to you, but all the love she holds in her heart and the part of her chest where she keeps everything dear about you. That she did not teach you everything, but it is because of her that you have found the strength to learn things on your own. That the best thing that she could have ever given you is the chance to see her move through this life the way you do now, with two hands poised outwards—one to hold on, and one to let go.

One day a year, it’s not enough. Not enough to thank her for all the things you let slip by you without ever really knowing that it was happening, or to tell her that you know it wasn’t easy and you have no idea how she did it anyway but you’re so grateful that she did, or to show her that you see now, you really do. It’s not enough, and it never really will be. How could it?

But even so, you’ll take any given opportunity to make an attempt anyway, and we know exactly how to help you do it this Mother’s Day.

At the Belize Collection, we know everything your mother means to you, but more than that, we know that if she cannot have blissful days all her life, she deserves to have this one. She deserves to have her day, and with our Mother’s Day package, she most definitely can.

Gift her a stay at either one of our resorts, whether it is serene relief in the quiet rainforests, just her and idle hours of the fresh, mossy scent of the river as it slinks along its way, or the easy sun and plunge after plunge into waters that make her feel like this could simply be forever and that would be just fine.

Our package entitles her to a bountiful greeting in the form of a tropical flower arrangement, as well as breakfast, dinner and a complimentary cocktail, for a famed and utterly incomparable dining experience at one of our restaurants. Allow her the splendour of a meal set against the backdrop of the dreamlike mountains that make up the Sleeping Giant itself, or the soundtrack of calling waves collapsing to the shore.

She will also have the option of either her preferred bottle of wine from our impeccable selection, to sip pensively while she contemplates that distant blur where the sky disappears behinds the horizon line, or a 60-minute aromatherapy massage, where old tensions are lost to the smell of lavender and joints slacken until they could just about melt into the table.

And, okay, because, selfishly and kind of understandably, you don’t want her to forget that it is you doing this for her (because you have never once forgotten that it was her who did what she did for you), our package also includes a personalized card—a souvenir for her to keep even after she makes her leave. We’re sure there aren’t enough words for everything you mean to say. But it’s her, and she loves you, and there is never a reason you shouldn’t say something when you feel it, even if you’re going to say it badly.

Your mother is not a perfect woman, and you would never ask her to be. After all, flawed as she may be, she’s still her, and that is someone you can never repay for the warmth of her tender kindness or the endless patience that was not entirely warranted, and someone who deserves the things you can give to her just as well as the things you can’t.

This Mother’s Day, hold your mother close and press a grateful kiss to her cheek, and most of all, do as she’s always taught you to; give it a good, honest try.

Contact Us to book your Mother’s Day Package now!



You’ve been dreaming of your wedding all your life—the most perfect, shining moment in a sea of many, reflected back at you in that cherished instance of yes. Your love is familiar. It is a known. It is as it always has been.

Except, it’s not. Is it?

Because you will hold fast to hands you’ve recognized from the very first moment they found yours—so well, you must have known each other in any other life, in any other form. (The cardinal and the waterlily, the raindrop and the high-stretched blade of grass—one of them was you, you’re sure.) You will look into the eyes of someone whose future is so messily and wonderfully entangled with yours, and find you no longer care for order or design. Most of all, you will vow that nothing short of your last breath could ever part you, and probably not even then.

And you will learn that love doesn’t necessarily have to be this, or as it was yesterday, or as it will be tomorrow. Change is the only thing you can rely on and that’s the best kind of paradox there is.

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding all your life. But none of it—not the childhood drawings in cheap crayon that kept snapping between your fingers nor the wistful sighs watching cartoon characters earn their happily-ever-afters—will ever compare to what you will find there.

Company of which you will never tire and lives together sealed in a kiss and a hereafter that shines with promise. But more than that, you will have someone through all of it, to share with in faultless, even halves. It will be what you’ve deserved all this time.

It will be perfect.

Where to go from there can be a little more complicated, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

At the Belize Collection, we know we have our work cut out for us, living up to that perfect moment. But we are confident in our ability to do it anyway.

Choose exhilaration in the Belizean rainforests, choose giggles and rivers at high sun, choose horseback riding and trees to trust with all your secrets, choose ceaseless mountains and noiseless privacy, and choose a secluded celebration of love at the Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge.

Or go for something altogether different. Go for the Lodge at Jaguar Reef, for a bustling village and a sense of community, for saltwater swims and explorations along the reef, for sand shaken out of hair and golden tan lines under bathing suits, for the hush and fizz of the foaming sea at dawn, and for excitement and ease in tandem.

Whether it’s the jungle or the sea for which your heart sings, our honeymoon packages see to it that this sojourn is one entirely worthy of your love.

Your package entitles you to 7 nights of pampering and indulgence from beaming beginning to reluctant conclusion. Start off your vacation with a private transfer from our international airport to the resort of your choice, where you will be greeted with a bottle of champagne and a fruit platter—a staple of any Caribbean excursion. Also waiting for you is a free welcome drink—sip on saccharine cocktails while a member of our staff orients you with the property.

At the Belize Collection, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of your soul, but that doesn’t mean we slack off on material necessities either. We offer a full menu plan, catered specifically for your tastes to ensure every meal dazzles in every conceivable way, as well as either a 90- or 60-minute massage to work the knots of travel out of your system. You will also have the option of a private, romantic dinner set up on the night of your choice—just you, your partner, the stars, and some really great food.

Beyond the stretch of the resort grounds, your package allows you up to 4 standard tours—plentiful opportunity to explore the coast and countryside while surrounding yourself with bounds of unending culture and beguiling people—and turn-down service. That means days of ventures and adventures, and, ultimately, evenings of coming home and collapsing into a perfectly made bed.

But don’t limit yourself to our options, it is not for us to dictate your thrills. So, chase them at your own convenience. We offer complimentary access to our additional features, including bicycles, kayaks, paddle boards and snorkel gear, for precisely this.


You’ve had your perfect wedding, book your honeymoon holiday with the Belize Collection and let us show you why it was not your happy ending, but rather your perfect happy start.



It comes as no surprise that most Belizeans, when asked to describe their country’s cuisine, will often defer to the more iconic, well-known of foods. Our trademark rice and beans with stewed chicken and mayo-laden potato salad, or fluffy fry jacks, a revered breakfast food, or the oh-so-controversial garnaches (I’m sorry, ketchup and beans do not belong together, and this is a hill I am willing to die on).

It’s all well and fair enough—after all, Belize did not become known within the Caribbean as a “cultural melting pot” for no reason. Our cooking is varied and unique, and hey, maybe some meals get a little more acclaim than others, but none of the attention awarded to our food is undeserved. Okay, maybe a part of it is that we have a brand to uphold.


The only great injustice in this divide comes in the form of golden-brown masa, whatever filling your heart desires and a crunch that is nothing short of balm to the aching soul: the Panades.

Not exactly a celebrity amongst our assorted menus, panades are at least familiar. Many cultures and countries have their own form of savory enclosed foods with hearty stuffing hidden inside—gyoza, beef patties, ravioli, empanadas. Belize is no exception to this, and our very own version of this specific subgenre of food is the Panades.

This crescent shaped pastry, made of fried corn flour, or masa, and a fish, meat, cheese or bean filling, carries memories within it. Young hands learning to knead masa for the first time, popping oil stings that won’t even scar in the grand scheme of things (you yelp anyway), or a mother coming home with a black plastic bag billowing with the smell of something hot and freshly cooked.


Perhaps less dazzling as opposed to their international counterparts and local rivals because of their less than consistent make-up, the Panades’ chameleonic composition is part of what makes it the subject of much adoration. Smokey fish and bubbling cheese, lime and cabbage sauce, sunshine yellow and bright, paprika red. The beauty of Panades is that they’re built this way: meant to be changed and molded, meant to suit an array of different people with an array of different tastes.

So, try the rice and beans. Get yourself a tamal and put ketchup on your garnaches if you so find the need. Brave the cow-foot soup when your adventurous side gets the best of you. We are an interesting people, and so it reflects in our food—don’t be afraid to try everything, because everything is worth trying.

But the next time you find yourself poring over a laminated menu, thinking maybe you’ll just get some chicken nuggets after all, take a chance on our beloved panades. Our got-a-good-report-card food, our eat-big-for-cheap food, our ever-changing, ever-evolving cultural impact in a crispy pastry shaped like the moon.

They may just surprise you.



Easter fast approaches, and with it comes temperatures hurtling steadily to the high nineties, pre-made baskets in every grocery store, and of course, a sense of something renewing in the air.

And why wouldn’t that be? It’s been almost forty days since the ash was smeared across our foreheads and we promised that we understand what happens when we die. After all, this is what the season is all about. Even without the Catholic pageantry, rebirth is a concept braided into the fabric of this time of year.

It’s in the flowers: budding, blooming and bright in our closest approximation of spring. It’s in the smell of baking bread down the street, where someone’s father has decided once again to take up the challenge of baking hot cross buns for Easter Sunday. (The cross will never take, despite his best efforts, but the bread is good anyway, and it is a transgression easily forgiven).

Most of all, it is in us.


Because, for some, Easter is about multicolored plastic eggs with candy hidden along windowsills, for others it’s about church, in the definition of a Sunday best, and for someone else it’s two weeks off from work and school to catch up on that book that’s taken a while to get to.

But most of all, Easter in Belize is about family.

Two weeks of full kitchens and endless days of bright sun and lazy rivers. Two weeks to get up with the morning songbirds and go on a hike with someone you love. Two weeks to eat good food and to fall asleep in a hammock while half-listening to your grandmother explain why you absolutely cannot go swimming on Good Friday.

Easter is open hearts and hands kneading dough and a Holy Saturday cross-country cycling race that you will probably get to see even if you weren’t following to begin with. And, like the sun and the flowers and the bun with a cross that takes great discipline to perfect, it is about coming alive.


So, if you find yourself in the lucky position of visiting Belize in the Easter season, there are a few things you will come to know.

Like, Stations of the Cross reenactments never run smoothly no matter how many times we’ve been through this before (it’s still worth it) and getting on the George Price Highway before two in the afternoon on Holy Saturday is no easy feat, and you don’t have to look too hard to find yourself when you’re ready.

So, this coming Easter, remember to book your stay and find home at one of The Belize Collection resorts and let the resurrection season find its home in you.

After all, you never know.

Awakening has more than one form.

Every year around the world on February 14th, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones as a gesture of appreciation. Branded as the day of love, this day marks the second most popular card-sending “holiday”. It’s all about love, connecting with your significant other over a date night or getaway.


Love you to the beach and back…

Celebrate your love with a sunset sail along the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea or indulge in a candlelit dinner under a sky blanketed by a myriad of stars. Enjoy a nightcap in the privacy of your personal plunge pool or take a stroll along the beach, contemplating the waves as they kiss the shore ever so gently.

Let’s rock this day with lots of love!

Take it to the wild side! Bask in the sights and sounds as you picnic along the jungle-lined banks of the Sibun River. Or embrace the warmth of your hot tub, wine glass in hand, as you soak in the picturesque views of the mountains beyond.


Whatever you do, fill your Valentine’s Day with love and passion… and may all your desires become reality!

Call (888) 822-2448 or email us at [email protected] to plan your getaway today!

Butterflies Spa is a haven of serenity adjacent the Caribbean Sea… The only full-service spa in Hopkins, it is designed to provide each guest with opportunities for personal transformation and encourages an optimal state of well-being.


The Spa faces a flower-filled courtyard only a few feet away from the beach and Caribbean Sea, making it an ideal location for relaxation. It aims to refresh, renew, and revive guests during their stay at Almond Beach ResortThe Lodge at Jaguar Reef and Villa Margarita.

With over ten years of service our aim to deliver high quality spa treatments that appeal to our customers' sense of rejuvenation.

Take care of your body... It's the only place you have to live.


We think it's time to love the skin you're in!


Refresh… Renew… Revive!


Meet our Team… Let us pamper you!


Collect lifelong memories on your Belize vacation! Call (888) 822-2448 or email us at [email protected] to plan your getaway today!



Boasting a plethora of attractions that span from north to south, Belize is one of the most talked about and visited vacation destinations.


One of a kind attractions like the largest living barrier reef in the world - home to the famous Great Blue Hole, and the only jaguar preserve in the world to name a few. Truly Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret, Belize offers visitors the best of both worlds: lush tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and sapphire waters, sprinkled with adventure and culture at every stop! To top it all off, vacationers revel in its summer-like weather and uncrowded destinations.

Whether you are looking for active adventure or pure relaxation, The Belize Collection is your destination specialist. Experience some of the top resorts, jungle lodges and hotels in Belize. Enhance your stay with activities and tours designed for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the true beauty and excitement of Belize. Moreover, our convenient all inclusive vacation packages allow you more hassle-free vacation time. From luxury accommodations at any of our five resorts, to meals and adventures, our all inclusive packages ensure that your Belize vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!




Jungle Sea All Inclusive Vacation Package

Stay eight nights at any of our resorts or combine multiple locations (beach or jungle) for an amazing Belize vacation. This all inclusive Belize vacation package includes accommodations, a mix of adventures, all meals, local beers and rum drinks, non-alcoholic beverages, and shuttle service to and from the resorts. Explore remnants of the Maya Civilization; float along cool waters through ancient caves; hike to scenic waterfalls; snorkel with nurse sharks, rays, schools of fish and turtles; or experience the melting pot of cultures in Belize! The choice is yours.

Ultimate Belize Honeymoon Package

Escape to Belize with our romantic honeymoon vacation package! Indulge in the lavish amenities at Almond Beach Resortor The Lodge at Jaguar Reef– whichever you prefer. Pamper yourselves with a refreshing facial or signature couples massage. Relax and unwind with a bottle of champagne and seaside candlelit dinner for two at the end of an adventurous day.

Do it all or do nothing, but whatever you decide, let us here at The Belize Collection bring your journey to life!

Aptly titled “A Belizean Blank Slate,” tune in to HGTV’s Island Hunters International and follow a Texas couple’s journey as they traverse the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea in search of a pristine island off Belize’s Coast.


Back in July, a Texas couple spent 4 nights at Almond Beach Resort, in the culturally rich village of Hopkins, in hopes of finding a new home. The episode aired last night at 10 p.m./9 c. and, in case you missed it, will air again at 1 a.m./12 c. tonight. Aptly titled “A Belizean Blank Slate,” tune in and follow their journey as they traverse the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea in search of a pristine island off Belize's Coast.

We at The Belize Collection enjoyed having the host, Chris Krolow, and film crew at our beach property, and are confident that such a high-rating popular series will bring great exposure for Belize!

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos shot during the making of the episode.


The Belize Collection Hotel Group and Adventure Company receives Nine (9) 2017 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards in the World, Central America & Belize!




Three of our The Belize Collection Hotel Group & Adventure Company Resorts are honored with Nine (9) 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards from the World’s leading travel site, TripAdvisor.

In the 15th year of the awards, the world’s most outstanding properties were identified in different categories which are determined based on the reviews and opinions of TripAdvisor travelers’ around the globe. Less than one percent of establishments featured on TripAdvisor are Travelers’ Choice Award Winners. These awards recognize remarkable service, top quality and great value.

The three (3) The Belize Collection Resort Winners are The Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge Belmopan, The Lodge at Jaguar Reef& Spa Hopkins and Almond Beach Resort& Spa Hopkins.

Today, we are honored to add these nine (9) Awards to the The Belize Collection Hotel Group list of achievements.

Our properties were recognized in the following categories:

Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge:

Award Winner 2017 Top 20 Hotels in the WORLD for Best Service – (Ranked 18th)

Award Winner 2017 Top 10 Hotels for Service – Central America (Ranked 2nd.)
Award Winner 2017 Top 10 Small Hotels – Central America (Ranked 5th)
Award Winner 2017 Top 10 Hotels for Romance – Central America (Ranked 6th)

Award Winner 2017 Top 3 Hotels for Belize Service – Belize (Ranked 1st)
Award Winner 2017 Top 3 Small Hotels – Belize (Ranked 2nd)
Award Winner 2017 Top 3 Hotels for Romance – Belize (Ranked 3rd)

The Lodge at Jaguar Reef& Spa:

Award Winner 2017 Top 10 Bargain Hotels – Belize

Almond Beach Resort& Spa:

Award Winner 2017 Top 10 Bargain Hotels – Belize

These prestigious recognition’s were made possible thanks to the incredible powerful reviews of all our amazing guests. We are excited and honored by these awards, receiving them for consecutive years in our The Belize Collection history, is indeed an appreciation attained by the relentless efforts of our team who are essential in bringing these reputable accolades to our Belize Resorts.

“It is a proud moment for all of us at The Belize Collection and we hope everyone will hold their head high knowing that they are contributing to something very special at all The Belize Collection Hotels. It was accomplished by our team efforts and the highest levels of service. Excellence cannot be achieved by a few people at the top, it takes every single employee having a mind-set of caring for our guests, determination and consistency of dedicated service. This takes a daily effort by everyone…so, thanks to all the staff from sales and marketing, on site teams- from drivers to concierge, bartenders, the wait staff, tour guides, cooks, housekeeping, grounds, warehouse, maintenance and our partners providing services to us. Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. But most of all, Thank you to our amazing and loyal The Belize Collection guests that took the time to share their memories with other travelers on TripAdvisor!”

Mr. Erik Lyoth
Managing Director
The Belize Collection Hotel Group & Adventure Company

Thank you all and we hope to see you again soon in beautiful Belize!  The Belize Collection!

Belize is a nation that is nestled in Central America. The country has two land borders, one with Mexico and the other Guatemala. It is also bordered by the Caribbean Sea. The nation in 2010 was inhabited by 324,528 people according to the Belize Population and Housing Census conducted that year, however 2015 estimates suggest that the population is now 368,000. If that is the case, then in the first half of this decade the population of Belize has grown by around 13%. The country’s GDP in 2016 is estimated to be $1.77 billion according to the International Monetary Fund.


Southwest Airlines launched flights to Belize City in October 2015 from Houston Hobby. For S17 the LCC will introduce a further two routes to Belize’s capital, one from Denver and the other Fort Lauderdale. As a result the airline will grow its capacity to the Central American nation by nearly 117% this upcoming summer, meaning it will overtake Delta Air Lines to become the third largest US airline serving Belize.

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