While arriving in Hopkins Village from Sleeping Giant Lodge, we decided to unwind and relax beachfront at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef& Spa.

While we were having a sunbath swinging on the hammock, the Adventure and Tour Department Manager approached us to offer an unexpected new adventure: The Bioluminescence Tour.

I had already heard about it but I didn’t knew that such a phenomenon also existed in Belize… and only a few minutes away from where we were staying!

This tour starts in the evening around 6pm so be ready for a spectacular sunset!

After a short 15 minute ride by van from the Adventure Desk at Jaguar Reef, we arrived to the Sittee River Marina where we got on board a small boat captained by one of the best guides we had in Belize: Udell. Now we were ready to start our river adventure with the sunset!

While the sun was going down, I realize how mother nature changes at night. Some animals sleep at night but for others the darkness is their time. The darkness is when they hunt, they eat and they live. So we start looking for these nocturnal creatures with a huge and powerful flashlight.

Bioluminescence Spotlight

The night fell quickly and the sounds of the rainforest around us were completely different than during the day. Suddenly the guide moved his flashlight to the treetops on the other side of the river and we realized that the branches were moving. We approached slowly and we saw a family of Kinkajous! They are related to raccoons, coatis, ringtails and cacomistles. They look like monkeys or ferrets, but they are not closely related to either. The family of Kinkajous seemed very relaxed while eating some fruits at the upper branches of the trees despite our presence. They even looked at us with their big and curious eyes!

Kinkajou in Belize

We saw some different species of aquatic birds, big iguanas sleeping on the trees and we learned about flora and fauna. We were so lucky that we had the chance to see some baby crocodiles! It is amazing how the guide can see the brightness of their eyes in the middle of the darkness.

Belize Birds at Night

After our photographic river safari looking for nocturnal animals, the guide took us through a jungle tunnel of mangroves directly into the Anderson Lagoon, where the magic of Bioluminescence takes place. Just being on a boat in the middle of this big lagoon at night was impressive. Then as soon as the boat starts going faster we started seeing something like blue neon lights behind us – we were experiencing the Bioluminescence phenomenon! While our boat was going through the lagoon, we saw the light trail left by the fish escaping from us. This was actually the bioluminescent algae in action.

When the boat started going in circles faster and faster, it left a bright trail in its wake. It is like the whole lagoon turned the lights on. Unbelievable!

Bioluminescence Tour in Belize

Even if you touch the water with your hands and splash it you will see and feel directly one of the natural wonders of Belize. It truly is an amazing adventure that must be experienced to be believed!

This tour is the perfect way to finish another fantastic day in Belize.

This country always surprises me with new experiences!