Everyone who’s familiar with Belize knows that September is a time for celebration. Every year Belizeans throw a month-long party to celebrate our History, Culture and Independence. Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to be a part of the celebrations here in September.

From day one, everybody is gearing up for the big party…

and everyone, everywhere seems to be all smiles all the time!

The biggest event of the month is undoubtedly the massive Carnival Road March, where the entire country pours into the streets dancing, marching and boasting a rainbow of colors.

Check out this guy’s mom showing him how it’s done!

Flags are everywhere… and people get really creative when they’re showing off their Belizean pride!

And it’s not over yet, with lots of other events left and the big Independence Day celebrations still ahead, September truly is a wonderful time to be in Belize.