My decision to get a college Degree in Tourism was inspired by my insatiable childhood dream to travel around the world, to discover new cultures and people, to explore and to delve into those kind of enriching experiences that molds our lives.

So after finishing my college degree, I started to work in organizing medical conferences around the World and throughout Spain. While travelling for work, I always felt the need to explore more of the destinations visited, but my job only offered limited leisure time. After several vacations to Mexico, Dominican Republic, the United States and other trips related to my job to Chile and Bolivia, I fell in love with the American Continent, especially Central and Latin America.

Below, one of my trips to the Pan American Congress of Neurology, with cultural dancers before the Opening Ceremony.


However, after 5 years of hard work and travelling, I realized that I needed more... I wanted an incentive and a change in my life. The monotony and lack of motivation in my work was transforming me into something I never wanted to be. The realization that I wasn’t happy with my career at 27 years old, jolted my awareness into a change.
On the summer of 2015, and after 10 years of a Skype and email relationship with my friend Duarte from Portugal, we decided to meet again in Madrid and we drove along the French Mediterranean Coast for several days. On that trip we fell in love and we realized that we share the same Wanderlust Spirit: Enthusiastic to travel and explore the world together.

Duarte and I, during our visit to Monaco

Marta and Duarte

A couple of months later my boyfriend told me about the opportunity to travel to Belize for 3 months. The timing could not have been better, I quit my job with the best excuse – I was ready to take the trip of my dreams, with the man of my dreams, to an undiscovered and exotic place: PARADISE!

I was ecstatic throughout the organizing of our trip, because of the realization that we were headed to an unknown country. Belize, surrounded by the beautiful and pristine Caribbean Sea, with the second largest barrier reef in the world and with some of the wildest tropical rainforest in Central America.

After much planning, we realize we had missed an important detail, where would we locate our base during those months in Belize? After studying all possibilities and reviewing many blogs and opinions from other travelers, we opted for Hopkins Village, located south of Belize City. Why Hopkins? It provided everything we were looking for, from wonderful sandy beaches, close to the jungle with easy access to any other part of the country, to a unique, quaint, charming and cultural village, with so much to offer and yet to be discovered.

I contacted The Lodge at Jaguar Reef on the south side of Hopkins Village, which is owned and managed by the The Belize Collection Hotel Group & Adventure Company. This hotel group provided us in great detail all the necessary information for us to organize our dream adventure. From domestic air and land transfers, accommodations steps away from the Caribbean sea, meals at their beachfront restaurant, to cultural activities and educational tours. This was all scheduled and sent to us prior to our arrival.

All packed, excited and ready to explore Belize, I am assured that this will be one of the best adventures of our lives. I am ready to embark on a new journey, it all begins NOW!

Be sure to check back for future posts to read all about Marta's adventure in Belize.