The Lodge at Jaguar Reef, Almond Beach Resort and Villa Margarita are located in Hopkins Village right on the beach but on a strategic location, close to a lot of amazing and different activities to explore the country. I will share with you my Top 6 adventures that you shouldn’t miss while staying at any of the fantastic Hotels of The Belize Collection in Hopkins Village.

Kayaking at Sittee River

Just 15 minutes from the hotels you will find Sittee River. This important river runs through the Belizean Rainforest and ends up its course in the Caribbean Ocean. While you are kayaking you will have the chance to find yourself into the deepest areas of the jungle, without disturbing the animals surrounding you. It is one of the most eco-friendly ways to explore the rainforest! Just let yourself float or paddle down the river to discover beautiful and wonderful creatures, like Crocodiles, huge Iguanas, monkeys, and hundreds of different kinds of exotic birds, even manatees if you are lucky.



Horseback Riding

Another remarkable way to enjoy the Belizean wild environment is riding a horse on trails where the Maya once ruled. This adventure will take you to the enchanted and fascinating rainforest, and on through the tropical orange grove. The sound of the steps of the horses, the light coming through the dense canopy and the feeling to be alone in the jungle is magical. It is only you and the horse! This inspirational ride stops at Sittee River where you will stop for a refreshing and a cooling swim.

Horseback Riding in Belize



I strongly recommend you to wake up at least one time to see the sunrise at the Caribbean Sea during your stay in Belize. It is better than you can imagine. So what can you do after the sunrise…? Let’s go looking for the most gorgeous and rare exotic birds around the area of Jaguar Reef. You will see different kinds of wild parrots, hawks, trogons, flycatchers. It is the best way to finish an authentic Caribbean morning.

Birdwatching in Belize



It’s impossible not to mention again the perfect Tropical beach next to Jaguar Reef, Almond Beach and Villa Margarita. Plenty of coconut trees and hammocks gives you the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy the beach and the warm water of the sea. Also if you want a little bit more action you can grab a kayak or paddleboard for free, get into the ocean and have a different view of the coast. And if you fall, don’t worry! The water is pretty calm and it wouldn’t be as fun without a couple of splashes right? After that you will deserve a tasty and refreshing cocktail. Don’t worry! One of the friendly waiters of Jaguar Reef will bring you one directly to your hammock. Just perfect!

SUP Belize Jaguar Reef



If you want to recover from the possible jetlag, keep your nails perfect or simply relax with your partner, at Almond Beach SPA you will find everything you need to make you feel at paradise and even more.

The SPA offers you the possibility to have the best massage ever! You will enjoy the Caribbean breeze while you are having a spectacular and relaxing massage at the dock of the resort! Which is priceless!

Dock Massage Hopkins Belize


Chocolate Tour

At Maya center just about 30 minutes by car from Jaguar Reef, you can delight yourself with the amazing experience of making real chocolate. First of all a Mayan guide will show you the cacao plantations and also how they collect and prepare the cacao to make the delicious chocolate. Then at the Maya Center a couple of actual Maya descendants will demonstrate how the ancient Maya made this delicacy. The smell of pure chocolate is all around the place and it is exquisite. You will have the chance to grind the dry and roasted seeds of cacao with the same kind of grinding stone ancient Maya used. After some seconds you will see how you are creating one of the oldest and most delicious delicacy in the world! Chocolate! And what would be the best souvenir that you could carry from this tour…? The bar of the chocolate that you have naturally prepared with the help of the Mayas! I loved it!

Chocolate Making in Belize