Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge is a quaint rainforest lodge perfectly located in the middle of the Belizean rainforest and surrounded by sweeping views of nature and the Maya Mountains. There are so many things to do and new adventures to experience, we decided to share with you a few of these.

Mountain Top Gazebo View Sleepin Giant Lodge

Relax in the River

The lodge is perfectly located on the Sibun River Basin less than 100 yards away. This river basin is an excellent area for swimming and kayaking or even taking an inflatable inner tubes and floating down the river as you experience the pristine nature that surrounds you.


Night Hiking in the Jungle

The jungle that surrounds the lodge is an excellent habitat to experience animal nightlife. Take a hike that starts at dusk accompanied by a local bush-man as a guide and experience the jungle in a different way, search for many elusive animals that feed under the cover of darkness such as howler and spider monkeys, gibnut, kinkajou, wild boar, deer, quatimundi, armadillo, birds, tarantulas,leaf-cutter ants, snakes and more.


An awe-inspiring view

Hike up to a natural botanical trail that leads to a lookout area 300 feet above the valley floor with a spectacular 270 degree view that includes views spanning over the Sibun River Valley Gorge. This lookout area will give you an opportunity to see toucans, various other birds and other animals in their natural habitat. If you choose to explore further, hike to the second lookout, a gazebo 350 feet above the lodge that offers breathtaking views of the rainforest canopy and the Maya Mountains surrounding the lodge. This is perfect for kids or as a romantic getaway for you and that special someone.


Horseback riding through the Jungle

Experience horseback riding like never before as you navigate through the rainforest and river terrain mounted on a large agile quarter horse. Beautiful sceneries surrounds you while interacting with your horse and learn the horse “whispers”. Create lifelong memories riding along the jungle trails, tropical rivers and Mayan Ruins.


Immerse yourself into an Ancient Mayan Realm

Take a step back into time when the ancient Mayans dominated this region. Learn the history of the Mayans, their culture, and visit the actual ruins, temples and home of ancient Mayan Royalty with a day trip to two of the most popular Mayan sites, Xunantunich and Cahal Pech in Belize. Both ruins are located approximately 45 minutes away from the Lodge by vehicle. Immerse yourself into history and enjoy the breathtaking views of Belize and Guatemala from atop the second largest Mayan Ruin in the country with an extremely knowledgeable tour guide.


Bucket List Worthy

The Waterfall Cave Expedition begins with a hike through the jungle to find the entrance to an Ancient Mayan Cave located hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above. Explore the river cave, as you walk the same paths as many Ancients Mayans before you. Be dazzled by mesmerizing stalactites and stalagmites surround you as you make your way to six underground fresh water waterfalls that glisten by the light of your headlamp. These six waterfalls must be challenged and conquered by the end of the day as you climb up each one to continue on your exploration. This is surely a once in a lifetime experience that must be experienced to believe.


Recharge by Margarita Creek

The Margarita Creek runs through the Lodge and near several Casitas on the property. This creek got its name from the Owner’s Family Matriarch. The relaxing sound of water flowing through this creek adds a special touch to the already serene ambiance. Grab a book or just be one with nature and relax on a grass bed near Margarita Creek.


Jungle Dining

Enjoy delectable local and international dishes as you overlook the rainforest and the beautiful surroundings from our Creekside Lounge and Restaurant located in the main thatched building. The Belizean culture is extremely diverse and it is highlighted in the local cuisines. Take this time to indulge and give your tastebuds a wonderful experience.


Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate

With lush foliage, soaring mountains and trickling creeks, it is hard to imagine a location more conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation than Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate yourself with an array of exotic spa treatments that are bound to relieve tension of everyday life and leave your body renewed and balanced.


Jungle & Beach

It’s hard to make your stay at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge an even better one, but we’ve figured out how. By combining Sleeping Giant Rainforest lodge with our sister Beach Resort, Villa Margarita, located perfectly on the beach in a charming village just an hour South of the Lodge. This combination is truly the “Best of Both Worlds”. Spending three nights in a Spanish Casita at the Lodge and four nights in a beachfront Villa at Villa Margarita is designed perfectly to give you the excitement and adventure of a Jungle vacation and the relaxation and tranquility of staying at a beach resort.