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Official Language

 If you’ve decided to travel to Central America I bet you’re in the process of downloading Google translate. What you might not know is that you don’t need it if you’re traveling to Belize. While the vast majority of Central America is Spanish speaking Belize is a former British colony making its official language – you guessed it, English!

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How Belize Got It’s Name

Your destination can often seem like the focus of your journey, but some roads have the ability to transform the entire trip into a never ending adventure. As you exit Belize’s capital city of Belmopan, and enter the Hummingbird Highway you are transported to the most stunning and scenic route in all of the country.

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Come Live in Belize

Life the Way It Used to Be

Now more than ever, many of us long to be far away from the complications that come with living in a congested, urban environment. We dream of a place where our alarm clock is the sound of tropical birds chirping and our morning commute is to the backyard to pick fresh oranges.

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The Belizean Fry Jack

A National Staple

Fry jacks are pieces of dough, deep-fried to crisp golden perfection, commonly featured in Belizean cuisine. These warm, fluffy morsels are most frequently paired with other breakfast items such as eggs, jam, refried beans, and cheese.

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La Ruta Maya

It's more than just a race

While Belize offers opportunities for competitive cycling and fishing nothing compares to Belize’s La Ruta Maya River Challenge. Held once a year La Ruta Maya is the only adventure sport weekend of its kind and caliber in Central America.

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Viva News

A Day of Romance

Every year around the world on February 14th, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones as a gesture of appreciation. Branded as the day of love, this day marks the second most popular card-sending “holiday”. It’s all about love, connecting with your significant other over a date night or getaway.

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